Platform Shelves Advantages

Platform Shoe Shades are dumbbells with thicker soles often made of cork and plastic. They range from medium to very high heels. They differ from the usual high heels, as the difference lies in the fact that these heels have a even height while high heels have an angle that can cause stress or jaw on the wearer if worn for prolonged periods. Important lead characters in ancient Greek theater productions are said to have used them to increase their height.

Over the years, these heels have become popular, but it was during the nineties and eighties as their popularity increased. Popular rock musicians were seen at the same time on stage quite often. The fans soon followed the trend and at the end of the 1990s the platform helmets became even more popular when Spice Girls appeared to perform them in most of their stage trips. Platform heels are available in different colors, shades and patterns, and you can also buy them online. You can find one that fits your style and personality and in colors and patterns that will delight you.

With platform helmets available in styles ranging from pumps to slingbacks boots, the choice is endless. There are colors that suit all outfits and you can find them in sunny shades of pastel and also with designs like paisley print and polka dots. If you prefer them with sequins and diamonds, it's sure to be some that suits your style as well. The main advantage of platform heels is that they offer the height of the stiletto without the need to penetrate into acute heels. Obviously, height will be possible if you do not usually enter them.

We have also seen famous models falling from platforms so high that they seem to lose gravity! But in general, you want to avoid driving when wearing them because you will not be able to measure the pedal pressure correctly. Doctors do not recommend using long heels of any kind due to the risk of developing a condition called flatfoot. Although there are those who prefer platform heels to the usual high heels, both have their pros and cons. Stilettos has also been a pillar in most women's wardrobes and they give a sexy appeal to an outfit.

Platform heels on the other hand have an appeal showing the fun loving side of those who wear them. Young teens and adults seem to prefer them because they have the advantage of giving both height and funky patterns to match almost all outfits. Both long and short women can wear platform helmets with a dress and look good. With the selection of patterns and colors not only in stores, but in designer stores as well as online, almost all young women will have at least one pair of platform helmets in their collection of shoes.

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